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"After 35+ years of dealing with software vendors, I'm not easily impressed with their service. I am continually amazed at the level of support JGS provides. And you may quote me on that!"
Bob Rutledge.
Jolly Giant Software, Inc. has been acquired by Brandon Systems. Please read our Press Release.
QWS3270 PLUS and QWS3270 Secure New Window Features

New Features for version 4.7

Program Interface
  • Added the ability to change a session tab title temporarily. Simply right click the tab and choose the Rename Tab... option.
  • Visual feedback for screen selection size in status bar. The size of the selected area is displayed as rows and columns when in block mode or the number of characters when in line mode.


  • The script variable "Mainframe password" is now stored in encrypted form in memory.
  • Enhanced support for vector graphics (advanced and native). Use the Advanced protocol when you have GDDM Version 2 Release 3 or higher.                 .
  • Enhanced support for programmed symbols. We now provide support for triple-plane programmed symbols.
  • Added support for SYLK clipboard format for easier pasting of screen data into spreadsheet applications.
  • Added the ability to re-map character keys. Now you can re-map the Shift + 6 key to be the logical not sign as found of true 3270 terminals.
  • Added Hotspot recognition for SFTP and FTPS links.
  • Enhanced support for IPv6 addressing.