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"I can't even remember the last time I received a support call that was even thought to be a problem with QWS3270 PLUS. The product is extremely stable."
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QWS3270 PLUS and QWS3270 Secure New Window Features

New Features for version 4.8

Program Interface
  • The images for the toolbar and menu item icons have been updated to more modern images.
  • Added the ability to use large (32 x 32 pixel) images for the toolbar buttons in addition to the previously available small (16 x 16 pixel) images and medium (24 x 24 pixel) images.  The default is to use the medium sized images.


  • Changed the way hidden fields are recorded in keystroke recordings to prevent a security problem when keystroke recordings are converted to script files.
  • Added support for TLS version 1.1 and TLS version 1.2 to the security protocols. The most recent version that is supported by both the client and server will be selected.  This applies to QWS3270 Secure only.


  • Added a new script command to allow variables to be shared between scripts.
  • Added a system variable to provide access to the "Application Data" folder within a script.
  • Added option under the Edit menu that will find text on the current screen.