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"After 35+ years of dealing with software vendors, I'm not easily impressed with their service. I am continually amazed at the level of support JGS provides. And you may quote me on that!"
Bob Rutledge.
Jolly Giant Software, Inc. has been acquired by Brandon Systems. Please read our Press Release.
QWS3270 PLUS and QWS3270 Secure New Window Features

New Features for version 5.0

Scratch Pad

  • QWS3270 now supports a scratch pad for capturing text for later use from the emulator screen.

Screen History

  • QWS3270 now supports capturing of screen history, with the ability to go back and review past screens without affecting the current session.

Disabling SSL/TLS Options (Secure only)

SSL and TLS options can now be disabled through hidden Session Parameters.

  • DisableSSLv2=1 // disables the option to use SSLv2
  • DisableSSLv3=1 // disables the option to use SSLv3
  • DisableTLSv1=1 // disables the option to use TLSv1

Enhanced Certificate Chooser (Secure only)

  • When choosing a Certificate on the Security section of the Session Options dialog, you will now be presented with an Windows OS specific certificate chooser. This provideds more information making it easier to choose from multiple similar certificates.
  • The New Session Wizard will now use the Default Session port number when setting up a new connection.
  • In previous versions, the Session Dialog had an issue with selecting “N” as a HILLAPI Session ID. This has been corrected.