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"It is the closest emulation of the original 3270 terminal I've used. Plus it has copy/paste capability and easy key mapping. I've used QWS3270 Plus and QWS3270 Secure. They both worked great!"
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QWS3270 PLUS and QWS3270 Secure Features

The information on this page applies to QWS3270 PLUS and QWS3270 Secure.

  • 3278 and 3279 terminal types model 2, 3, 4, 5 and IBM_DYNAMIC
  • 3279 extended attributes including blinking fields
  • Colour selection for 3270 field types
  • Copy, Cut and Paste
  • Emulates IBM Light Pen
  • Extended data stream including 3279 colours (Write Structured Fields)
  • Flexible keyboard re-mapping
  • HLLAPI support. QWS3270 PLUS is now considered to be "Windows HLLAPI Compliant".
  • IND$FILE file transfer support including structured fields
  • Multi-national code page support
  • Screen Prints to printer or files
  • TN3270 Enhancements (TN3270E) support as defined in RFC 2355
  • Type Ahead Buffer support allows keyboard input while waiting for the host to process the last attention key.
  • User selectable fonts
  • Supports display of the APL character set
  • Enhanced Status Bar processing to provide a visual notification when attempting to type in protected (xPROT) or numeric (xNUM) fields. Simply press the “Reset” key to clear the notification and allow further keyboard input
  • Support has been added for the contention resolution feature as per Internet Draft TN3270E Functional Extensions from October 2001. As of this moment the file may be found at www.ietf.org/proceedings/99mar/I-D/draft-ietf-tn3270e-extensions-00.txt.
  • Support for host graphics. The following types of graphics are supported: Vector and Programmed Symbols. Vector graphics are computer graphics in which display images are generated from display commands and coordinate data. Raster Graphics are displayed with Programmed Symbols, which are downloaded to your workstation


QWS3287 Printer:

  • Separate application to allow connection as IBM-3287-1 printer
  • Includes support for LU1 and LU3 protocols
  • Full compliance with RFC 1646 and RFC 2355
  • Send LU3 output directly to print driver. Useful when data contains embedded printer command sequences.
  • Page formatting options. 
    • Select the number of rows and columns to be printed per page.
    • Ability to specify page margins on a printed report. This will enhance the ability to print on pre-printed forms.
  • Ability to specify the font size and style used for printing.
  • Printer selection by session. Allows automatic printing to a printer that is not the default system printer.
  • Toolbar support to simplify access to commonly used menu commands.
  • Command line parameters to allow an existing session to be specified on the program shortcut.


Host Connections supported:

  • Interlink SNS/TCP
  • Cisco TN3270 Server for CIP
  • NetWare for SAA
  • Microsoft SNA Server
  • IBM Communications Server for NT, OS/2, and OS/390