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"It is the closest emulation of the original 3270 terminal I've used. Plus it has copy/paste capability and easy key mapping. I've used QWS3270 Plus and QWS3270 Secure. They both worked great!"
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QWS5250 Secure Features

5250 Emulation Features

  • IBM-3179-2 terminal support
  • extended attributes including blinking fields
  • Colour selection for 5250 field types
  • Copy, Cut and Paste
  • Emulates IBM Light Pen
  • Flexible keyboard re-mapping
  • HLLAPI support. QWS5250 is now considered to be "Windows HLLAPI Compliant".
  • Multi-national code page support
  • Screen Prints to printer or files
  • Type Ahead Buffer support allows keyboard input while waiting for the host to process the last attention key.
  • User selectable fonts
  • Supports display of the APL character set
  • Enhanced Status Bar processing to provide a visual notification when attempting to type in protected (xPROT) or numeric (xNUM) fields. Simply press the “Reset” key to clear the notification and allow further keyboard input