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QWS5250 Getting started

Getting Started

The information on this page applies to QWS3270 PLUS and QWS3270 Secure as well as QWS5250.

Table of Contents


Installation procedure

Uninstalling the trial version

Installing the software



Connecting automatically

Customizing the layout

Fonts and colours


QWS3270 PLUS® is a fast, easy-to-use 3270E terminal emulation application that allows a PC running Microsoft Windows® to connect to an IBM® mainframe via TCP/IP and TN3270E. The application was designed to take full advantage of the point and click capabilities of the Windows environment.

QWS3270 PLUS contains the following features: support for extended data streams (3279 colours and extended highlighting); a flexible keyboard re-mapping feature; a point and click (hot spots) feature; an entry assist feature that includes things like word wrap, word tab, word delete, margins and typewriter style tab stop; a scripting feature; some limited DDE support; and support for IND$FILE file transfer protocol.

Since the QWS3270 PLUS complies with the TN3270E standard, it can be used with any IBM host running TCP/IP or any IP gateway supporting TN3270 or TN3270E, including Microsoft SNA Server®, NetWare for SAA®, Cisco's TN3270 Server® for CIP or the IBM Communications Server®.


If the trial version of QWS3270 PLUS is installed on your computer, we recommend that it be uninstalled before attempting to install the full version. Follow these simple steps to uninstall the trial version. If the trial version is not installed, skip this section and proceed to the INSTALLATION OF THE SOFTWARE section.

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Uninstalling the trial version

Press 'Start' button, 'Settings', 'Control Panel'.

In Control Panel, locate the icon for 'Add/Remove Programs', and double-click it.

In the dialog box that comes up, select the Install/Uninstall tab, then find the entry for "QWS3270 PLUS version x.x Demo" in the list box.

Click once on the entry, then click 'Add/Remove...' button.

Select "Automatic" on the Select Uninstall Method dialog, click 'Next'

Click 'Finish', and after the uninstall is complete, press 'OK' in the Add/Remove Programs dialog box. 

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Installing the software
To install the software, follow these steps:

If you received the program by email, save the attached installation program to a location on your hard disk.  If the installation program is on a floppy disk, you can install directly from the disk.

Open windows explorer or file manager.

Locate the installation program.

Double-click on this program. At this point the installation program should start (blue screen with title "QWS3270 PLUS x.x Installation". If it doesn't, contact Jolly Giant Software Inc.

Click "Next" in the dialog box.

Read the EULA (End User License Agreement), and if you agree with the terms, click the "I Agree" button.

Choose an installation directory. Most users accept the default directory. Make a note of the installation directory for future reference. Press "Next".

Select the components to be installed. Note: unselecting BOTH options will not install anything. Make sure that the 'Disk Space Remaining' is a positive number. If not, press 'Cancel', free up some disk space, then try again.

Select a Program Folder. This can be the default folder suggested by the installation program, or a folder name of your choosing. In either case, make a note of the name of the installation folder for future reference. Click "Next".

Select Shortcuts. The installer can create a shortcut to QWS3270 PLUS on the Desktop or Start menu. Select the shortcuts that should be created. Click "Next".

Press "Next" to start the installation process.

After a few seconds, a screen will come up, indicating that the installation has been completed. Press the finish button to complete the installation process.

To start the program, click the 'Start' button, go to 'Programs', 'QWS3270 PLUS', or click on the QWS3270 PLUS icon on your desktop.

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After installing QWS3270 PLUS, no additional setup is required to use the program, provided a working TCP/IP connection is available on your computer.  Please read the following section on 'Connecting' for further information.

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The first step for connecting to a host is setting up a session.  Follow these simple steps: 

Start QWS3270 PLUS.

Click on the 'QWS3270' menu, choose 'Connect'. 

Click on the 'Add Session' button. 

Enter a name for your session, and click OK.  This name can be anything you like, it is only a means to allow you to distinguish between different sessions. 

In the 'Host' dialog box, enter a name or IP address for the host to which to connect.  If you enter a host name, you must have a valid domain name server specified in your TCP/IP setup screens. 

Be sure the default terminal type and port number are supported by the host to which the connection will be established. If you are not sure about these settings, use the provided defaults, or contact the administrator for the mainframe. 

Click OK, then connect. QWS3270 PLUS will try to establish a connection between your PC and the host. Error messages will be displayed there are any problems with the connection. If there are errors, your mainframe or LAN technical support personnel should be able to help. If not, try contacting Jolly Giant Software at support@jollygiant.com.

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Connecting automatically
After creating at least one session in QWS3270 PLUS, you have several different options to automatically connect to a host on application startup: 

The command line option <-z'sessionname'>, where 'sessionname is the pre-defined session (as defined in the HOST / CONNECT dialog) that you wish to use to connect to the host. The parameters as defined in this session will be used for this connection.   Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for additional details regarding command line options. 

Use 'Auto Connect'
The 'Auto Connect' option can be used to automatically connect to the host specified in the default host section.  Please refer to the online help file included with QWS3270 PLUS.

Use a script file
A script file can be used to automate tasks in QWS3270 PLUS, including connecting to a host. Please refer to the online help files, or our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about scripting

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Fonts, colours and other options
Click the 'Options' menu, choose 'Session'.  The resulting dialog box will allow the customization of most aspects of the application, such as font types and sizes, display colours for foreground, background and text, mouse options, cursor shapes etc.  For additional information on these options, please refer to the online help file included with QWS3270 PLUS.

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