QWS3270 Secure

Fast-loading, fast-operating, safe and reliable TN3270E emulation tool.
QWS3270 Secure is a 3270 emulation application that allows PCs to connect to SSL enabled IBM mainframes over a secure TCP/IP connection. QWS3270 Secure supports Secure Sockets Layers (SSL).
Emulation Features
  • Support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 (depending on host operating system support)
  • 3278 and 3279 terminal types model 2, 3, 4, 5 and IBM_DYNAMIC
  • 3279 extended attributes including blinking fields
  • Colour selection for 3270 field types
  • Copy, Cut and Paste
  • Emulates IBM Light Pen
  • Extended data stream including 3279 colours (Write Structured Fields)
  • Flexible keyboard re-mapping
  • HLLAPI support. QWS3270 is now considered to be “Windows HLLAPI Compliant”.
  • IND$FILE file transfer support including structured fields
  • Multi-national code page support
  • Screen Prints to printer or files
  • TN3270 Enhancements (TN3270E) support as defined in RFC 2355
  • Type Ahead Buffer support allows keyboard input while waiting for the host to process the last attention key.
  • User selectable fonts
  • Supports display of the APL character set
  • Enhanced Status Bar processing to provide a visual notification when attempting to type in protected (xPROT) or numeric (xNUM) fields. Simply press the “Reset” key to clear the notification and allow further keyboard input
  • Support has been added for the contention resolution feature as per Internet Draft TN3270E Functional Extensions from October 2001. As of this moment the file may be found at www.ietf.org/proceedings/99mar/I-D/draft-ietf-tn3270e-extensions-00.txt.
  • Support for host graphics. The following types of graphics are supported: Vector and Programmed Symbols. Vector graphics are computer graphics in which display images are generated from display commands and coordinate data. Raster Graphics are displayed with Programmed Symbols, which are downloaded to your workstation

QWS3287 Printer:

  • Separate application to allow connection as IBM-3287-1 printer
  • Includes support for LU1 and LU3 protocols
  • Full compliance with RFC 1646 and RFC 2355
  • Send LU3 output directly to print driver. Useful when data contains embedded printer command sequences.
  • Page formatting options.
    • Select the number of rows and columns to be printed per page.
    • Ability to specify page margins on a printed report. This will enhance the ability to print on pre-printed forms.
  • Ability to specify the font size and style used for printing.
  • Printer selection by session. Allows automatic printing to a printer that is not the default system printer.
  • Toolbar support to simplify access to commonly used menu commands.
  • Command line parameters to allow an existing session to be specified on the program shortcut.

Host Connections supported:

  • Interlink SNS/TCP
  • Cisco TN3270 Server for CIP
  • NetWare for SAA
  • Microsoft SNA Server
  • IBM Communications Server for NT, OS/2, and OS/390
New Features

Features in version 5.3

  • Moved the platform to Visual Studio 2019 (with intent of implementing TLSv1.3)
  • Replaced MS Visual C++ Redistributable (2015) by Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x86) 14.25.28508.3
  • Added Signature Algorithm, Encryption Algorithm to Certificate Info popup (Secure version only)
  • Removed obsolete Auto-update function


New Features in version 5.2

Installation issue in multi-user environment (RDS, Datacenter 16)

Description: When installed under one user’s account, then 2nd user tries to run QWS3270, control switched to unsolicited install

COM Automation DLL 64-bit

Description: Fixed discrepancies in shared memory between 64-bit DLL and QWS

Added type-ahead (paste-ahead) when keyboard is locked.

Description: When user pastes text from the clipboard while the keyboard is locked (waiting for the mainframe application to respond), it immediately pastes the text on the “locked” screen. After the change CTRL-V is buffered, and delivered to the screen after keyboard is unlocked. Useful in (for example) search scenarios: “Copy text” + F + CTRL-V + “more text”

WHLLAPI calls logging

Description: Users reported that Automation screen scraping was broken under 5.x, especially for 64-bit Automation DLL. Troubleshooting from COM Automation application (e.g. Excel VBA macro) or application utilizing JGSComdotNet, or direct HLLAPI calls was insufficient.


Also a layer of logging was added to COM Automation DLL-s, since the cause might be Automation DLL, not necessarily HLLAPI.

Added handling of multiple variables in JG Script commands.

Description: Prior to the change, command (e.g. Message) with global/local var worked only if message started with var (i.e. “%USERID% is the user” – works. “User is %USERID%” fails. Apparently multiple vars are not being handled as well. For example, “%var1% abc %var2% def” will not be parsed and executed properly.

    QWS3287 (printer app) to install package

    Description: Printer app component was missing, starting early releases of 5.0
    Solution: Added “as of 2013 QWS3287” printer app and compatible DLL-s as a separate resource to Wix. Printer app is being installed under “C:\Program Files (x86)\QWS3287”.

    Colors not saving properly in session

    Description: Fixed “Customized color files for a session are not being saved” issue


    QWS3270 product property (Task Manager, EXE properties)

    Description: product property (Task Manager, EXE properties) was showing just PLUS
    Changed product property, so it reflects SECURE/PLUS

      Windows Features
      • Choose between blinking and non-blinking cursors. A Crosshair option to visually assist with text alignment is also available.
      • Clipboard Support for the common copy, cut and paste functions. It also provides an APPEND function where data can be appended to data already in the clipboard. A PRINT function allows the clipboard data to be sent to the Windows printer
      • Cursor customization including underline, block and vertical bar. A different shape can be displayed when in insert mode.
      • Dynamic Data Exchange Support to allow other Windows applications to send data to the 3270 session and receive data from the 3270 session.
      • Enhanced Key Functions such as Delete Word, Error Correcting Backspace, Tab to Next Word, Tab to Previous Word
      • Entry Assist provides functions that make it easier to enter and edit text material. It includes margins, tabs and an audible end of line signal. Each of these functions acts just like the corresponding functions on a typewriter. Entry Assist includes a word wrap facility, which allows you to type without having to use the New Line key. Word Wrap automatically does a New Line function for you when you need a new line. Word wrap picks up any partially typed word and places it on the next line.
      • Extended Mouse support including cursor select function.
      • Null to Blank Processing support translates all null characters to blanks before the screen data is sent to the host.
      • Record and playback keystrokes. Repetitive typing tasks can now be automated.
      • Convert pre-recorded Keystroke files to Script file format.
      • Row and Column indicator for the cursor
      • Screen Sizing allows the dynamic re-sizing of the window. When you drag the window border to change the window size, the application attempts to find the best font size that matches the window size selected
      • Scripting support allows frequently used key sequences or functions to be written as a script. This script can be executed from the menu or the script can be assigned to a key using the keyboard re-mapping dialog.
      • Sessions can be configured and saved for future use.
      • Status bar integrated into bottom window border.
      • Toolbar support for frequently used functions. Enhanced, fully customizable toolbars.
      • Transparent Printing: The application includes support for the transparent write feature. This is most commonly referred to as TPRINT.
      • Type Ahead Buffer support allows keyboard input while waiting for the host to process the last attention key.
      • User selectable fonts including scalable fonts.
      • WWW Browser helper application support for browsers including Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
      • Ability to disable the startup splash screen.
      • Ability to start another QWS3270 session from an existing session.
      • JGS Update Utility provides an easy way to obtain the latest version of the QWS3270 software using your Internet connection.
      Operating Systems Supported

      Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. The application will run on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

      Server Based Licenses are available, contact us for details.

      Minimum System Requirements
      Windows Sockets version 2 or higher, TCP/IP connection to an IBM host, At least 8MB of disk space, IBM Compatible 486Mhz or higher
      Maintenance Plan
      Every purchase of QWS3270 comes with one year of maintenance at no additional charge.

      This plan allows you to receive all product upgrades (new releases) and updates, unlimited telephone support from our knowledgeable support engineers, free email support and unlimited access to our online support pages for 12 months. The plan can be renewed at the end of the 12-month period.

      Multi-User Licenses
      Multi-user licenses (greater than 49 copies) and extended maintenance contracts are also available. Contact us at 1-877-776-4657 or at sales@jollygiant.com for more information.
      Server Environment Use

      If you plan on installing QWS3270 on a server environment (such as RDP, Cirtix, or Cloud VM), please email us at support@jollygiant.com or call us at 1-877-776-4657. We will generate a license key for you that allows running QWS3270 in a server environment.

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