Free Migration Services

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Free Migration Services

Free Migration Services

Are you using another terminal emulation product?
Are you ready to modernize and optimize your systems?
Are you ready to reduce your terminal emulation costs by at least 50%?

Challenge our conversion team to seamlessly move you from your existing platform in a very short period of time.

Not only can Jolly Giant can save you the cost of high maintenance fees with our competitive replacement program… we’ll make your flight to Jolly Giant as smooth as possible. For qualified enterprises, our migration services are free. Our professional services group will convert your keyboard settings and macros, and help guide your migration to a soft landing.

Our migration experts understand the concerns of legacy system migrations and take into account both organizational and technical issues.

We’ll help you migrate with our four-step model:



Call us to learn more about Jolly Giant’s suite of terminal emulation products, our low maintenance fee no-upfront-cost competitive upgrade program, and to discuss your modernization strategies.


Test your plan by carrying out a proof of concept with our free trial.


Review the test, assess the results, and identify what’s needed to complete the execution.


Implement the changes for the enterprise.

Migration complete!

Please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss the most feature-rich cost-effective terminal emulation suite in the universe:

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