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Understand what’s causing CICS transaction spikes…and what to do about it!

HostBridge Integration Analytics tools and methods deliver System Z CICS performance and utilization insights in a rapid and collaborative fashion. Ingesting SMF data enriched with our proprietary low-overhead transaction analytics connector (HTAC), we create a set of interactive dashboards within weeks of project kick-off. After delivering our Integration Analytics Report and Recommendations, you can leverage these customizable dashboards and reports for periodic evaluation or daily monitoring.

Improve System Z CICS Integration Performance

Scale with the Mainframe in Mind
Analyze end to end activities and how they impact CICS.

Improve Performance
Discover poor performing processes and focus on the most impactful changes.

Optimize Integration Strategy
Target inefficient integration patterns that hinder business process automation.

Accelerate Modernization Efforts
Identify key applications and processes to quickly modernize in place/

Modernize with Brandon Systems

Our flexible solution and experienced team can meet any legacy modernization need. If you are seeking a clear path to a revitalized mainframe without disrupting people or processes, we encourage you tocontact us with questions or reach out to learn more and get a quote.

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