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“In 2015, Sage Parts under-went a corporate strategy to Web-enable legacy system access. According to mark Pollack President, we reviewed most of the terminal emulation solutions. We had use JG software for quite a while. The QWS products where feature rich and has a small foot print on the PC or virtual environment. We had an need for a combination of direct web-access via HTML browser on local PC’s and handheld devices. At the same time, we a user class that needed to remain on Terminal Emulation. We selected JG Wire Product which provided both legacy QWS access along with highly sophisticated web enablement and integration for our applications. Today, we integrate ERP, legacy mainframe applications and enterprise services buses using this technology.”

“We have been using JG terminal emulation products. This product has been one of the most feature rich emulators we had in our enterprise at a cost significantly less than our other vendors. It adapted to every technology stack we use from VM, Personal Computer(s), Citrix with the most straightforward and simple configuration. Technical support is knowledgeable, and JG professional services partners are excellent. Our firm consolidated a number of emulators in our environment to JGS QWS. We converted hundreds of Macros and other special features in less than 2 weeks. More significantly, post production we had less than 10% support calls for of our expedite help desk support volume for our user based to adapt to the change.”


“I recently acquired Jolly Giant’s QWS3270 product. I was impressed to find their technical support was VERY responsive, they KNEW their product, and I was treated in a friendly and courteous way. I would rate my business with JGS (on a 1-10 scale) a 9.5. Thanks and keep up the fine work!”

Larry Sanelli, Arizona Public Service Co.

“After 35+ years of dealing with software vendors, I’m not easily impressed with their service. I am continually amazed at the level of support JGS provides. And you may quote me on that!”

Bob Rutledge


“Your QWS3270 product is indeed a gem. As a mainframe programmer, I spend many hours every day using your product. For its small size it offers great features…nice friendly keyboard remapping, color customization, etc. Thanks for making my job a little easier.”

Larry Nomer

“… I seem to recall something like that in an earlier ‘conversation’, but couldn’t find it in my notes. Didn’t see it on your site in the FAQ, but may have missed it. But I figured that I’d get a quick answer from you; your support has always been fast and accurate. (And you can quote me on that.)”

Rick Hellewell, City of Sacramento

“It is the closest emulation of the original 3270 terminal I’ve used. Plus it has copy/paste capability and easy key mapping. I’ve used QWS3270 and QWS3270 Secure. They both worked great!”

“I evaluated and recommended QWS3270 roughly a year ago. The product has been very reliable. In one instance where a fix was required, it was available in less than 2 days.”

“I can’t even remember the last time I received a support call that was even thought to be a problem with QWS3270 PLUS. The product is extremely stable.”

“JGS has always been very responsive — much more responsive than the larger well-known software companies.”

“We use QWS3270 on all 7 of our campuses. Updates are timely and they can even FTP them right to our server. Whenever we have questions, they are quick to reply either via e-mail or over the telephone.”

“QFTP is the easiest file transfer tool that I’ve ever used.By not forcing me to type and re-type those long file names, it’s well worth the price.”

“QWS is fast, reliable and continues to meet our diverse software delivery environment of virtual, desktop and web applications”

“We use QWS for its array of user features and back end features like HLLAPI integration. But the most compelling reason for our infrastructure IT team is the ease of deployment. The folks at JG are clearly more concerned with how software is deployed and maintained over cumbersome licensing keys which make day to day operations difficult.”

“The JG wire product is brilliant in its mission. It allows us to deliver the same look and feel of emulation, through a web browser to a portion of our tried and true users. At the same time without a single change to the mainframe software, the application can delivery modernization and integration to other users. Lastly, the way JG licenseses wire, we will can have teams of people using the legacy emaulator without any additional cost. It’s a dream for incremental change without disruption.”

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