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Our Story

Meet the New Jolly Giant

Our Story

Meet the New Jolly Giant

Founded in 1994, and acquired by Brandon in 2013, Jolly Giant Software Inc, a Brandon Associates Company develops and markets cost effective TN3270E connectivity software, enabling Windows PCs and virtual environments to connect to IBM mainframes using TCP/IP.

Other products from Jolly Giant include a secure version (SSL) of the TN3270 emulator, and WIRE, a web based modernization platform that enhances and improves the user interfaces of mainframe applications and delivers them to web and mobile platforms.

Our philosophy

  • Develop quality software that is reliable, fast and efficient
  • Maintain fair and reasonable prices
  • Provide first-rate, knowledgeable customer support
  • Treat our customers as we wish to be treated

With over 1M copies of our software licensed worldwide, we must be doing something right! Jolly Giant has become a major supplier of mainframe connectivity solutions to businesses and organizations around the world.

Our history of success

Our continued year after year growth demonstrates that our founding business plan, to provide secure enterprise class software at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than our competitors, continues to be met by the market with great support.

Since our acquisition in 2013 and with the financial and technical resources of Brandon, we continue to offer both legacy style emulation. mobile and true web browser-based technology to meet the demands of the enterprise.

Also, part of our core mission is to provide versions of software that meet the needs of both the enterprise and smaller work group users. Our competitors have laughed at the fact that we allow such small license units to be sold on our web site. But to us, each and every license is an opportunity to meet the challenges of a new customer and improve our software and support delivery.

Our Competitive Pricing

As our list of satisfied clients continues to grow, we keep hearing the same comment from our customers: “Either our existing vendor is charging too much for their software or Jolly Giant is charging too little.” Our response is that we think that it’s the former, especially when we see some of the larger vendors charging up to 1,000% more per copy.

Let’s face it. In addition to TN3270E, there are probably a lot of other things you want to spend your budget dollars on. Whether you’re completely replacing your existing software, acquiring seats for new users or conducting a pilot project on TCP/IP-based solutions, licensing our software can help you stretch those funds.

Our Free Trial

And, contrary to what you might think, our less-expensive solutions do not mean an increase in risk or a reduction in functionality for your organization. In fact, before licensing our software, we encourage you to take a Free Test Drive of a fully-functional version of QWS3270, QWS3270Secure or QWS5250 and see for yourself how smart a choice Jolly Giant products can be.

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